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Art In The Harbor

Public & Private Outdoor Art

Baranoff Park Sculpture
This finely detailed metal sculpture created by Jim Smith and complimented by the intricate mosaic artwork of Michelle Gibbons is a depiction of generations of children and culture known to the area. Located under the Baranoff Tree near the public library - a tranquil area to enjoy the scenery or read a book. (Installed 2005)

Fire Station 52 Mural
The mural created by area artist Carl Cowden is a colorful vision of Main Street and firefighting at the time Safety Harbor was incorporated in 1917. Cowden has painted murals throughout the area for over 25 years and is acclaimed for his historical accuracy and attention to detail. (Installed 2004)

Fire Station 53 Mural
This inspiring mural, created by Safety Harbor artist Zoran Peshich, celebrates the sacrifices of men and women of the armed services and the fire services. The mural was fittingly unveiled during 2008 Memorial Day celebrations. Zoran Peshich’s work has been exhibited at the Safety Harbor City Hall and he is actively engaged in many community art projects and events.

Children’s Art Park
People of all ages enjoy this quaint, artsy passive park as they stroll through or pause to sit on the colorful designed pieces by artist Silas Beach in images representing Florida’s natural environment. Tropical birds, frogs,
flora and fauna adorn two picnic tables and three benches and are surrounded by historic Oak trees. (Installed 2003)

Marina Park Fountain
A centerpiece of the Marina Park, this beautiful fountain sculpture by Steven Dickey incorporates an artistic scene of some of the area’s most graceful native birds. Complimented by an old-fashioned clock and ironwork it is easy to imagine a scene from years gone by. (Installed 2001)

Safety Harbor Post Office
On the side of its brick-faced building on Main Street a mural designed by Michael Vollbracht depicts herons and other fowl, letters pinched in their beaks, producing a whimsical and tropical rendition of the postal service.

Whimzee the Manatee
Todd Ramquist & Kiaralinda lovingly created Whimzee for the City of Safety Harbor and the Manatee Menagerie Project. For over a year, Whimzee toured 3 counties with dozens of other artistic manatees before returning home to Safety Harbor. Whimzee has made the Community Center, City Hall and Library her temporary homes until she rests in her final place of honor in Safety Harbor and becomes a permanent display for all to enjoy!

Syd Entel Gallery
While art in the traditional and classical style is housed within the walls of the Syd Entel Gallery on Main Street, take a walk around to the back of the building for a whimsical view of the mural that has been the backdrop for
several outdoor dining venues, most recently Brady’s Backyard BBQ until.

Cello’s Charhouse
One of the first Safety Harbor businesses to enhance the outside of its structure with a mural. Utilizing the south side of its building as an art canvas, the artwork of Safety Harbor artists Todd Ramquist and Kiralinda adorned
the building from 2001 until 2005. A new mural completed in early 2005 is the creative work of another Safety Harbor artist, Kathy Harmon.

The Whistle Stop
Who could miss the unusual “Bessie” that is always a topic of conversation for newcomers and diners at the Whistle Stop? This is no ordinary bovine. Wearing a painted collar of green tomatoes and an array of stars, zigzags, arrows, swirls and dots, it is a signature creation of Safety Harbor artists, Todd Ramquist & Kiaralinda.

The Sausage House
Owner Aniko Racozi decided to add to the whimsy of Safety Harbor’s growing array of building murals. He enlisted the services of Safety Harbor artist Stacy Roth to create a marine life scene that appropriately ties the children’s play area near its building with the city’s waterfront location.

Whimzey House
Decked out in the colors of eggplant and turquoise this is not your traditional bungalow but artists Todd & Kiaralinda have brought smiles to the faces of the many visitors to what is affectionately known in Safety Harbor as the “bowling ball house.” Stop by and see why – just a short stroll off Main Street, north on 12th Avenue.

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